The Competition

The Entrepreneurship ecosystem has changed in a way where investors are no longer looking for paperwork in order to fund for a start-up, i.e. the once-demanded business plan document is outdated. Instead, investors are now looking for the actual demonstration of the product or service that you have to offer.

This year, the ES ’16 team has tailored a BPC that not only looks for business ideas, but the actual physical product/service behind your idea. ES will help you develop and launch your startup while being a part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem throughout the BPC.Through 6 exciting and informative sessions, you will be able to launch your startup and compete for a 50,000LE seed fund to scale it!

Each participating team will have a chance to experience the rollercoaster life of an entrepreneur! You will get a chance to participate in the ES Jamboree, and pitch to a panel of esteemed entrepreneurs, investors and key ecosystem players!